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Case Studies

Real-world examples of the Iliad Athletics approach in action. These particular instances demonstrate simple and achievable approaches to education that yield an entirely different experience for students and teachers alike.  

Pile of Logs

Functional Outdoor Resilience Training


St. Martin's Academy
Farm-based boarding school

A Fresh Approach to Athletics for a Classical School

  F.O.R.T. is an unorthodox approach to athletics that is well-suited for many schools including classical and homeschool. Student teams or squads perform real-world tasks in physically arduous and uncomfortable circumstances. F.O.R.T. combines  functional fitness with specific useful tasks and survival skills like chopping wood, rendering first aid, and navigating difficult terrain with a compass. Students confront problems and puzzles and have to work as a team, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of others, in order to navigate obstacles successfully.

A Catholic Boarding School and a Sustainable Farm 

St. Martin's Academy was founded in 2018 on a 200 acre property in Kansas. The classical curriculum is designed to integrate with students' responsibilities on the farm where they work and study alongside the faculty. The real world provides a laboratory for arts and sciences alike in an electronics free environment that leaves the students free of distractions and able to admire and learn the world around them. Crafted to nurture authentic masculinity, heal the imagination, awaken wonder, and develop attentiveness, the St. Martin's education equips students for much more than simply a job. 

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